Monday, May 21, 2007

K-Ville Part Deux

As promised, your favorite bayou state blogger has the latest news about "K-Ville".

On May 17, Fox announced its 2007-08 fall schedule. The cop drama, "K-Ville", set and shot in New Orleans is a part of the fall lineup. Fox also revealed that "K-Ville" might actually premiere in late August. If that happens, local production could begin as early as mid-June. It's slated to air Mondays at 9 p.m. EST (just after "Prison Break").

I, of course, want to see Tawny Cypress back in prime time as soon as possible. I'm not sure if this show's going to last, though. In fact, I'm pretty concerned.
There has been very little local buzz about "K-Ville". Other than a few people I've told about it, I don't know anyone who knows what the heck "K-Ville" is. And trust me, I know quite a few tv junkies.

It's also slated to air Mondays at 9 p.m. EST, just after "Prison Break". First of all, this means I might accidentally catch the last few moments of "Prison Break". Shudder. Second, "K-Ville" airs at the same time as both "Heroes" and "Monday Night Football". I'm already used to either recording "Heroes" for later viewing or watching it on I'm not sure if I can juggle another Monday night drama. I'm sorry Tawny, but love has its limits.

Finally, I've got to admit that the show just doesn't sound all that interesting. A writing staff has yet to be hired. Apparently, writer-producer Jonathan Lisco is unaware of the fact that I'm available.


That gross oversight aside, Mr. Lisco has stated that "K-Ville" is "basically a cop show about two unlikely cops teamed together. Highly procedural, highly episodic." What this leaves is a standard cop drama whose hook is that it's set in New Orleans. Keep in mind, though, that Lisco has already said that he wants to avoid being overly depressing or falling into cliches about the corruption of the NOPD. I hope I'm wrong, but that sounds like a pretty boring hour of television.

So, I'm still holding out hope for CSI: New Orleans . . . starring Tawny Cypress



Anonymous said...

I had hopes that Tawney was really coming back to Heroes. Do you know if that is true? I really liked her in that, okay I confess I never heard of her until then. I am one of those who watched the entire Heroes season one online except maybe two episodes including tonight LOL. Oh well thanks for sharing about the new show it does sound boring.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Tawney was slated for some appearances on Smallville next season....oh wait, sorry, replying to the wrong post...


Anonymous said...

okay, i just heard that Tawney was slated for some guest appearances on Rome....oh wait, sorry, wrong posting again...

hey oba - what's the story with the republicans effectively nominating mitt romney for 2008, what with his 20 point lead in the polls now ? does that mean that al sharpton's radio show will be censored by the FCC for discrimination against mormons, kind of like CBS did with don imus ?


oba said...

Okay, let me respond to these in order.

Anonymous: Nice to see there are other Tawney Cypress fans out there. I'm pretty sure that any appearances she might make on "Heroes" next season will be of the cameo/flashback variety.

Chadwin: Ahem. I'm sensing that you'd like to see more political commentary and less commentary on TV shows. I'll see what I can do.

As always, folks, thanks for reading and posting comments.