Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bayou Blogger Ties the Knot!

In case you're wondering why the blog's been silent the last few months . . . well, I got married on the 21st of December to the most wonderful woman on Earth. We're a blended family, so I'm adjusting to both married life and to becoming the father of a lovely and precocious 8-year-old.

Fear not, though, Bayous and Beyond will be back, better than ever, in 2008.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has a safe and Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

hey oba - happy new year ! i just wanted to be the first to say "geaux bucks ! !" big game on monday, you know. i saw that the wall street journal picked the best-travelling team in the nation to win, based on the strength of their defense. didn't know that a financial paper picked sports, but it's there in print !


Ronald B. Toney said...

Married! Wow! Congrats!

Ronald T.

Ronald B. Toney said...

Married?! Wow!! Congrats!!!

oba said...


Happy New Year to you, as well.

Who won the game, by the way?

oba said...


Thanks for the congratulations. Happy New Year!