Friday, April 20, 2007

K-Ville is (possibly) coming to town

First it was the news that Brangelina was coming to town. I’d just gotten over the emotional impact of their arrival (it took me a couple of months) when I learned that, in the fall of 2007, a hard-hitting dramatic series set and filmed here in New Orleans will be coming to network television . . . well, maybe.

A pilot episode of a proposed Fox Network television series, called “K-Ville”, entered production in mid-March. In May, we’ll all learn whether or not Fox has given the show the green light.

“K-Ville” is a cop drama, and prospective cast members include:

Arthur Anderson (never seen him in anything);

Cole Hauser (liked him in "Dazed and Confused", "Pitch Black", and “Paparazzi”);

The lovely and talented Tawny Cypress (she played Simone on “Heroes”); and

John Carroll Lynch (played the cross-dressing brother on “The Drew Carey Show”).

The script’s been vetted by the New Orleans Police Department, so I assume that it’s going to show the Big Easy’s finest in a very positive light. Hey, the X-Files required me to suspend my disbelief, too.

Anderson plays a veteran NOPD officer who is joined by rookie cop, Hauser. Hauser’s a do-gooder who’s come to New Orleans to pitch in with the rebuilding effort.

Okay, it’s not exactly a novel premise, but it could do wonders for a city still in need of as much positive press as it can get. The title needs some work. “K-Ville” is short for “Katrinaville”, and I’m sure that the powers-that-be at Fox can do a little bit better than that. (Of course, how much thought went into naming a show about two guys who break out of prison “Prison Break”?)

Another positive sign is that Jonathan Lisco, who developed the script for the pilot, is listed as the show’s creator and executive producer. His credits include the unfortunately short-lived “Jack and Bobby” (I watched this program faithfully during its lone season).

I don’t want to count my pilots before they’ve been picked up, but I am going to keep my fingers crossed.


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