Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and 18-1: My Thoughts on Super Bowl XLII

Only this year's Patriots could get this long-time Jets fan to root for the New York (Football) Giants.

This game somehow managed to be dramatic, exciting, and sloppily played.

Mercury Morris really needs to tone it down a little.

Hindsight is a funny thing. Had I known that Belichick, Brady, & Co. were going to lose this game, I wouldn't have gotten myself worked into such an uproar over the latest Spygate allegations.

Speaking of Belichick, at least he didn't kick a puppy as he made his dash to the locker room with one second showing on the clock, as that's pretty much the only way he could have come across as a bigger jerk or a poorer sport.

The 2007-08 Patriots are, without question, the least accomplished 18-1 team in NFL history.

Despite watching hours of Fox's pre-game coverage, I honestly don't remember seeing Ryan Seacrest on my TV screen. This is certainly a testament to the human mind's ability to protect itself from trauma.

With all due apologies to Marcus Allen and Lynn Swann, Manning to Tyree should be regarded as the greatest play in Super Bowl history.

Although my daughter did not watch the game, she still showed her support and a knowledge of football beyond her years by yelling "The Patriots Suck" at regular intervals. (I don't know where she ever got that idea, by the way . . .)

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